Monday, May 7, 2007

it's a good thing I love her

Oh, that Heinous... She invited me to submit a proposal for a panel she and a friend are putting together for the 2008 CCCC's conference in New Orleans. She obviously forgot how long gone I am from theorizing comp/rhet! She tempted me with "medical rhetoric." What could I say? No? And let all the goods I have one Feminist for Life go to waste? Hardly. On short notice, I put the following together for her:
By examining the online communication of two feminist non-profit organizations engaged in providing educational information on abortion, [I] will consider the ethical obligations organizations have in the communication they provide to the general public, specifically to potential medical patients. Through a rhetorical analysis of two organizations' (one "pro-choice," one "pro-life") online material, [I] will discuss the rhetorical positioning of women as patients, decision-makers, and agents of change by these organizations. The implications for how these technical communications [re]construct women's realities and the reality of medical procedures could provide rich discussion material for students of technical communication exploring their ethical obligations for presenting accurate medical information and how their presentations of that information position patients.
Yeah, that took an hour to write, but I'm pleased with it. I don't have high expectations for actually being accepted to present, but I certainly appreciate Heinous's confidence in me and the chance to stretch my tired academic wings a little.

This is what happens when one of your best friends is finishing up her PhD.

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