Thursday, May 31, 2007

She's takin' a ride on the Sin Wagon.

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Earlier in the week, my girlfriend warned her friends that a photo of her in an American flag t-shirt with a gun might appear here and that it would obviously be photoshopped. She was, in a way, spot-on. It has been photoshopped. ;) I thought the lyrics from the Dixie Chick's "Sin Wagon" worked will with the photo. We spent Memorial Day weekend in Minnesota, far from the range of cellphones, where her parents have a little plot of land with a cabin/garage that we call the Cabarage. There was fishing and cooking things over a fire, which are the better parts of actual camping. Being up at the Cabarage is so much better, though. Beds and showers and satelite tv. Ah...

we waited 17 years for this?
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In other news, zomg cicadas! They're coming out, and they're this strange mix of gross and awesome. I'm totally fascinated!

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