Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Well, well, Wednesday...aren't you a jerk...

1. So the FUNK in- and outside my office (otherwise known as mildew in the ceiling) is still here, despite several communications with Facilities Management. The only thing that helps is opening the window, but seeing as fall started today, that's not the best option I've ever had. In short, it's stinky and chilly in my office.

2. One of the fluorescents is flashing a little. That's going to to get old pretty quickly. If I can't get FacMan over to fix the stench, I'm doubting they'll come change my ballast. Assholes.

3. My friend Jenn and I were planning to go see Katha Pollitt tonight at Women and Children First bookstore, except that it's actually tomorrow she's speaking, not tonight. Tomorrow? Jenn can't go, and I've got to meet with Important!Facutly!Committee! till at least 5, which means that, with the train schedule, I likely won't make it down there in time.

4. This month is Disability Awareness Month, and tomorrow is National Coming Out Day. What better way to celebrate than me telling my story? Except it's me telling my story! To a room full of students and people I work with! Yipes! What the hell was I thinking? I need to put my outline together for the blasted thing.

At least this week ends with us traveling to New England to see the lovely fall foliage as Shanna and John get married! :)

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