Monday, November 5, 2007

sick kitty alert!

Essentially, Maddy has a cold. She has a viral infection that is settled in her head and luckily not yet in her lungs. On Friday night, she was snotting all over the house--hard to teach a cat to blow her nose. She was cuddly like a sick little one, and when I woke up Saturday morning to continued congested nose whistles, I opted to skip the clinic to take her in to see the vet, which is always a pleasure as cat people know. As expected, she was running a fever, but because her discharge was clear and her lungs sounded good, we're basically on a wait-it-out treatment plan, complete with decongestant and low grade antibiotic (in case there was any bacteria in there thinking of getting going). Poor thing. Her sneezing record on Saturday morning was 21 times in a row. Her brain must have hurt. Since Saturday, she's continued to wipe her nose on me, to cuddle as much as possible, and to burrow as deeply into the bed as possible. I'm convinced that Saturday night's extreme burrowing that had her even under Anne's t-shirt was about a heat-seeking fever. Our best joy of the weekend has been trying to pill the damn cat. It's a two-mom job. Anne wraps her up in a purple blanket until she's a Maddy-Burrito, and I plot my move, as the first time I get her mouth open is the only hope for dropping both pills down her throat. My finger has been royally chomped on, so much so that it looked a little swollen yesterday. Honestly, I'll miss her kittycuddles when she feels better.

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