Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I hate our governor

I can't even be happy about all the good he's done for women's health. Right now, he's pissing me the hell off.

We're now four days away from Doomsday for transit cuts without revised state funding. And you know what? Last week, the legislature approved a tax increase to end the crisis...and the governor wouldn't sign it. Instead, he inserted an amendment to it that all seniors ride free and sent it back to the legislature. It's a nice idea in theory, but a bill that could have passed last Friday now sits, waiting for the legislature to approve it--approving it the first time was a narrow margin.

And so here we are. A good--though depressing--graphic was in the paper this morning, showing the effect of the loss of 81 bus routes (that's more than half) on the city.

To recap, that damage represented by those maps is the governor's fault, at least for this week (and in my book). And being the jerk he is, he added insult to injury yesterday when he told seniors to "hold your nose and take a bus for free." *blink* If I worked for the CTA, I would be HIGHLY offended. Hell, being a rider, I'm highly offended. What does he think about the transit system of Chicago? Apparently, he thinks it stinks from the funk you can only imagine...urine, vomit, and Gawd Forbind....the homeless! (note sarcasm) No wonder he's not in a hurry to fund the CTA. He obviously hasn't paid any attention to the work Ron Huberman (my CTA crush--I can admit it) has done to make the system more efficient and cleaner. (The first time I rode on a Red Line train with a newly waxed floor, I was afraid to set my shopping bags down for fear it was, it wasn't wet, it was just that clean.

If you can stomach his rhetoric and get through this without laughing yourself silly at his craptastic hair, you can hear the advice to seniors straight from the ass's horse's mouth.

As for me, I guess I'll get a helmet, find my bike somewhere in my mom's basement, and fork over the extra $10.80/month it's going to cost me to ride the train to work because Metra got a raw deal, too.

Fuck you, Rod Blagojevich.

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lisa said...

I hate our governor too!