Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I inch a tad bit closer to a decision

This morning, I watched the video of Hillary Clinton that everyone's talking about--she got teary and emotional in an interview. I know for some people, this shows weakness in her. For me, it was really quite the opposite reaction. She always seems so serious, so composed. In the video, that facade cracks, and she finally seems more real. She gets emotional and lets that real passion she has for her country and her part in it--and that passion is emotional, not analytical--slip out. Someone who feels like that about the job is someone I, now, take a little more seriously as I'm making my decision of who to vote for in the primary. It does sadden me, though, knowing that being emotional--hell, having emotions--is a strike and has been a strike against getting a woman into the White House.

I'll be interested to see what New Hampshire does today.

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