Thursday, February 7, 2008

wanted: rock salt for streets and sidewalks

Lovely news, folks: Northern Illinois is low on its rock salt. This includes The College and This College Town. Given the 12 inches* of snow we got up here yesterday, this is somewhat of a problem. I've seen cars spin their wheels, trying to move through intersections on roads covered with what must be an inch of snowy compacted ice. I think our women's hockey team should move tomorrow's game outside for the fun of skating around the roads. Street hockey's run, right? So what if it's not an NCAA sport! I must admit that I do worry about how my students with mobility disabilities will fare getting around campus, given that our small reserve of snow is supposedly saved for the drives** around campus. My 2 kids' paths to/from class are supposed to be a shoveling and salting priority.

In college, I had serious loathing for February. Despite it being the shortest month, it always felt like February existed in the depths of despair and hopelessness, with no end of reprieve in sight. If my friend Heather is right, we've had only 11 minutes of actual sunlight here in the month of February. I'm self-medicating with chocolate.

* Anne rightfully challenges my estimations of snowfall, given I have little to no depth perception. Today, however, this was confirmed by my friend Jennifer as we walked to campus from the train. So there, Anne! :P

** Pfff. The drive into the parking lot of the Butch--my building--was like any other thoroughfare in This College Town this morning.

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