Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm not an, really...

I have a yarn problem.

It's getting a little out of control again. This is why I'm not allowed to buy new yarn.

This week, I'm thinking about storage for my yarn problem. Because really, why should my yarn problem become someone else's clutter problem?! I blame the blond knitter for the recent yarn storage obsession I'm working through. She has a good point - instead of spending on yarn, why not spend on someplace to store the yarn?! I recently looked at the piles of yarn we have sitting out in our living room. I saw, too, the cardboard box of yarns that will one day make it into the Ugly Blanket (of random yarns I'm destashing). Keeping yarn in an old cardboard box isn't great. Letting it sit out and collect dust in the living room doesn't work, either, especially since I'm VERY allergic to dust mites. But, where would we put yarn storage?

I have this romantic idea of something like this from IKEA:

See those clearish boxes in there? Wouldn't that be an AWESOME way to infuse yarn storage with color? I'd go more like this size, though:

The larger size just encourages my addiction.

Those clear boxes? They're too big for the bookshelves we already have. I checked.

I also looked at this:

It's deceptively small. I found a ruler to look at the actual sizes. Sure, yarn's smushable, so it could still be a possibility.

*sigh* What's a crocheter to do?


Tonja said...

I have to say that the smaller of the open shelving looks really cool - and I can imagine it with clear boxes showing all the yarn..Teryn, that is way cool. I may have to buy one for myself as well. :-)

jenn said...

I agree about your yarn storage issue. I do like my yarn "bar" -- I don't think I pointed it out earlier. I am also having a yarn problem...

Theresa "Tess" Kurzeja said...

I'm in the same boat. Me and yarn have an obsessive relationship... There's a specialty yarn shop in Normal now...I'm in trouble.