Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my streak still stands

After four hours of aggressive treatment (lots of drugs, some sleep, some quiet, some light-avoiding), I've got today's migraine pretty much gone. Too bad it meant missing what promised to be a cool house concert. Nice timing, migraine. I should have been more proactive about fighting what did eventually turn into a migraine, but I'm finding it hard to get myself to drink enough water now that we've gotten rid of our Cancer-Causing Nalgene Bottles of DOOM. I hereby vow to be better about my water consumption and thusly miss no more concerts!

In other health-related news, my ankle (sprained May 19th) is STILL swollen. So, like a good little girl, I went to the podiatrist today. He was a really nice guy and spent a lot of time with me. He poked and turned and compared and felt like the tendons or ligaments or muscles or whatever (I'm not the doctor, after all) felt loose compared to my other ankle. We started, then, with x-rays, and I'm pleased to report that I continue my streak of having never broken a bone. Go me! Thinking I'd likely torn a ligament (and worried about the healing of said ligament, given how long it's been), the doc did an ultrasound and saw the massive amounts of swelling, with appeared to be an untorn ligament. I think he was actually a little surprised about that. I've been more seriously wrapped with a more aggressive-looking ankle wrap, which was a pain in the ass to fit, given my fat, resistant-to-cute-boots calves. I'm to start physical therapy to see if strengthening the muscles helps, and then I'll see the doc in 3 weeks. He did tell me that if I'm not seeing any change or if it worsens, I should go back before my 3-week appointment. Next stop would be an MRI. We'll see. I'm tired of having to wear regular shoes. My toes are so sad that they can't live free in my new sandals.

Now that the boring health stuff is over, let's talk soccer! Today's semi-final match was pretty exciting. Turkey played like champs in the first half--they were not to be counted out. My German boys, particularly our keeper, were playing like chumps. Tomorrow's semi match should be good, too--Russia v. Spain. Originally, I picked Germany and Spain to go to the final. I'm halfway there. :)

Enough boring crud. I'm going to go fall asleep on the couch to "Law and Order," (hopefully, if there still isn't too much caffeine in my system from the migraine drugs).

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