Tuesday, June 3, 2008

welp, a post.

Don't think I've posted in awhile. I've had plenty to say, I guess, but it's happened in comments or in person to somebody else. I've been reading blogs, just not writing.

I'm on my 2-month semi-hiatus from the College right now. And where am I writing to you from? My office at the College. :P Had some odds and ends I wanted to take care of, and I'm back up here tomorrow to meet with the academic appeals board.

So, what does a girl do in her spare time once she becomes a stay-at-home-kitty-mom? If you're me, you accept your honey-do list, add in a few other creative projects that need to be done, and call it a day. I'm home all day again on Thursday, during which time I'll be cleaning for Jennjer, who's staying with us Friday after our make-up Indigo Girls concert (she's allergic to cats). Saturday, Anne and I will accompany Jennjer to see James Taylor, which should be fun.

Merdie was here last week, and I'm going to go dress shopping with her next week--for her attendant dress for our shindig. Speaking of which, I bought my dress last Friday. I'm not telling; I want it to be a surprise to some people, at least.

I'm hoping to do a BIG Ravelry postfest this week. I took pics of lots of recent crochet projects, and I need to get back to cataloging them. Geeky, I know, but I do heart teh crochet.

I planted flowers yesterday. :) I picked up 3 vincas and planted them in the flowerbox my grandfather made me when I was in graduate school. They're going to look supercute once they really get going. I'll have to take a picture. :)

And, now that everything's done--for today--for me at the College, I think I'll wander to the train. Peace out, homies.

PS What is it about Ani's "School Night"? Dang, how deeply I feel (and love) that song.

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