Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I hate our neighbors.

So we had new neighbors move in next door (on July 1). Their apartment has a different entryway than ours, but we share a deck. On their first day here, they left a keg and a collapsable table on the deck. The next morning, the keg was gone, but eventually the table was set up. Since then, it's been dirtied (and stayed that way). The first day, it had a beer can just sitting on it. It rubbed me the wrong way, but Anne kept telling me to chill out. After all, as she pointed out, it could have been a can for cigarette butts. Good point. So, I moved the can to their windowsill. The next few days, more cans appeared on the window sill. I think her butt-can idea was disproven. This morning? There's a new can sitting on the table (the ones in the window sill are still there), and there are a few cigarette lighters laying on the table. Ugh. The deck area is small. I actually pushed the table back on the day I moved the can so that it no longer blocked the path down he stairs.

I'm happy to share the space, but it pisses me off when people trash it. I've actually tried to make it look nice this summer by putting up my flower box and maintaining my vincas, even picking off dead bits. The neighbors in the condo building next door (there's a fence between our buildings) have nice decks with grills and flowers and party lights. And no trash. How hard is it to take your trash inside when you're done? It just makes me uberpissed when people trash public spaces. If you have to share a space with people, be considerate, damnit. Grrrr.

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