Thursday, August 28, 2008

second Monday of the week

I thought we already did Monday! Boo!

Highlights of this week have included:

The folks planning the annual "welcome, new students" traditional ceremony seemingly not giving a thought to how my kid student who uses a wheelchair was going to get into the church. No one seemed concerned at all. I'm glad I went and found out where the elevator was. They should have had someone there to guide her, though. It was their program, not mine.

One of my other kids students fell yesterday and broke her jaw, which will have to be wired shut for 4-6 weeks. She's missing the first day of classes for the wiring part of it.

There's something wrong with the nerve/tooth that I had a root canal done in 2 years ago. When I talked to the receptionist at my dentist's office this morning, she said, "You really need to come in today." On the first day of classes. During my busiest time of the entire school year. She couldn't get me in otherwise until Tuesday. So, in an hour, Jennjer (thank goodness for her!) is dropping me off at the train so I can go to the dentist. I'm totally freaked about what's going to happen to my tooth. It's one of my front teeth, and if, for some gawdforsaken reason, they decide to pull it or something that's going to affect how my teeth look, I'm not coming back to work until it's fixed. Hell, I won't leave the house till it's fixed. Sigh.

And Anne is gone. :( I'm excited for her that she's visiting her parents, going to the state fair, and spending the weekend at her parents' cabin. But it's me and the cats toughin' it out together right now, and frankly, they don't give very good hugs.

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