Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As craft goes, I identify as a crocheter. I can knit, but I didn't pick up knitting like I did crocheting. Maybe that was an issue of community for me. Crocheting was something we all did together in grad school, and I learned to knit and did my knitting alone. I like that I only have to keep track of one loop in crochet, as opposed to all those loops in knitting. I have a harder time finding and fixing mistakes in knitting. Most of my problems with knitting would be best tackled with one age-old thing: practice.

The #1 thing I need to practice: purling.

Because I do it wrong.

To purl, I switch needles so that I'm actually doing a left-handed knit stitch instead. It's okay for some things, but not for my most recent project lust, BrooklynTweed's Noro Scarf. I blame Kate and Jenn, who've both done amazing ones. The purling problem here is that it's a 1x1 ribbing, and if I have to switch hands that often, I might die. This seemed to me to be a good project to practice my knit-and-purl-without-switching-needles thing, but this morning, I did one knit stitch--ONE!--and got frustrated with the first purl and stopped. Clearly, I need to do purling practice in general. Or, I need to get on learning the crochet knit stitch. I have two lovely skeins of yarn that I dyed (my first two) that would look great in that pattern because of the blues they have in common, and damn it, that's what I want to make.

For anyone who's curious, these are the two colorways I want to do this scarf in:

100_0293.JPG 100_0393.JPG


Amanda said...

What beautiful colors! I always wanted to learn to knit/crochet/quilt, etc. etc. One of these days, right?

It's me! said...

Knitting backward (switching to left) is a perfectly valid way of purling.

I'm surprised you don't knit lefty to begin with, though, seeing as how you are a lefty.

That said, to purl: Hold the yarn in front of the work. Stick the right hand needle through the front of the stitch on the left needle. Throw the yarn up and over the needle, then use the right-hand needle to pull the yarn through, making the purl stitch. Slip the old stitch off the left needle. Youtube has some great how to videos on most knitting stitches, including simple knit and purl.