Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the coffee problem

I don't have any hardcore vices. Yes, I have things in which I like to indulge, and caffeinated beverages are among them. Drinking coffee is one of the best parts of my commute. I like to stand on the train platform and look out at the world while I sip my coffee. Sometimes, Diet Pepsi is an excellent substitute. Both are love, as far as I'm concerned.

I had plenty of time this morning, but I didn't make any coffee or pack a Diet Pepsi. "I don't have to have caffeine in the morning. I don't want to need to have it. I don't need to put all of those weird artificial things that make Diet Pepsi wonderful into my system all the time," I told myself. So, I walked to the train sans coffee, which was fine for my walk, as it was raining and windy.

Now that I'm in my office, though, all I can think about it coffee. A mocha to be exact. Chocolate goodness, deep and dark, perfectly joined with coffee and milk.

Did I mention there's a cafe downstairs from my office?

Another part of the problem is justifying spending money on coffee when I can make coffee at home. *sigh* I'll sit here and overthink this until the craving becomes unbearable and I finally give in. Clearly, I do have a coffee problem, but it's not the caffeine.

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Amanda said...

Give in. Think of the mocha as a reward for being such a great person. Or for braving the icky weather to get to work. Or for doing the Relay for Life. You have plenty of reasons--go for it!