Wednesday, August 4, 2010

why is it so difficult to actually get to work?

Crossing my fingers wasn't enough this morning. I was just out of luck. And then I was soaked.

The radio morning show kept saying that a big line of storms was coming -- a nasty band of thunderstorms with strong winds. I rushed to get ready, thinking I only have to make it one block, get on the bus, walk another half block, and wait for the train. This is totally do-able. I'm leaving early, and I'll just make it.

I was so very wrong.

I've never been outside in rain like this. The rain was coming from everywhere, and my umbrella was essentially useless. Before I made it to the end of our block, my capris were literally dripping wet. I rounded the corner and kept walking, but I finally hit a point of This is INSANE. I can't work all day in these wet clothes. So, I went home, hung up my wet clothes, laid on the bed, and checked my email.

That's when I snapped this picture -- too bad I didn't a) look right before I left and b) take a picture of the radar right before I left. Then, you could have seen my red pinpoint in the red band of storms.

Bad weather

My second attempt involved the same, pitiful umbrella, much less rain, and a bright yellow poncho. After seeing a coyote running down between the Metra tracks -- no joke! -- I made the train and made it to work. Safely. And, pretty much dry.


Amanda said...

This morning was brutal. I kept looking for tornadoes. :( Glad you were able to turn back for dry clothes. PS. Love the new look for the blog! said...

yeh, i'm totally digging this new blog look! how'd you do it??

teryn j. said...

The new design came from the Templates on the Design tab in Blogger. I played with the page attributes and with the background picture till I found a match.