Friday, August 17, 2007

on her bubbly toes

I don't understand the appeal of Jack Johnson. I really wish someone could explain to me why he's so great, so...dare I say?...fratastic. I mean, what the hell is this?
It's as simple as something that nobody knows that
Her eyes are as big as her bubbly toes
On the feet of the queen of the hearts of the cards
And her feet are infested with tar balls and

La da da da da da

Is there any woman out there who thinks that "bubble" is a compliment to her toes? And, would she really want to think that's what her eyes were like? And, what's this whole "tar balls" bit about?

These are the things I think about at the bathroom mirror first thing in the morning, the dull roar of the radio playing songs I sometimes wish I didn't know. I had to listen to XRT this morning because The Mix was doing it's Radiothon for Children's Memorial Hospital (only so much pathos I can take first thing in the morning), and while being relatively male-dominated, XRT did okay by me this morning. After all, I got to hear my first Arcade Fire song. "Keep the Car Running" was the song played after "Bubble Toes," and I really liked it. See, my brother's a big fan, but he's also friends with Will, who's in the band. My brother likes a lot of weird music, so I never put too much stock in what he likes without hearing it first (and a lot of it I don't love after hearing it). Man, did I miss the ball on the Arcade Fire, I think.

I think the Arcade Fire could totally beat up Jack Johnson. Just sayin'.

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