Tuesday, August 7, 2007

inaugural outing

My precious 30GB iPod arrived yesterday, and being the lovely human being she is, Anne drove me to Skokie to pick it up at FedEx. W00t! It's not been without it's complications...

1. Who thought we didn't need a firewire connection anymore? Seriously.
2. And you know why we need firewire? My USB ports are both 1.1! Again, seriously.
3. It wouldn't let me rename it anything, so it's currently [bluepoet]'s iPod. It needs a real name, but I first need to figure out how I'm going to get to rename it. All of my electronics have real names, but all I've come up with so far for the iPod is "Tiny," and you've got to appreciate the irony of the new iPod having both a bigger screen and hard drive than the old one.

I felt kind of sad pulling the old one out of my case and slipping in the new one, like I was tossing aside an old friend. I need to get over my emotional attachment to things. Again, again, seriously.

I broke her/him/it in this morning with Regina Spektor's "Samson." It was lovely.

In other techno news, my new iMac shipped yesterday, and the AirPort Express to extend our wireless shipped this morning. W00t, again! I need to look into transferring my shit from Katherine Grace (iBook) to Zelda (? - new iMac - the iPod could become Zelda instead). I know how to set up the iBook as an external to the iMac and pull stuff off that way--see, yay for firewire--but I want my damn playlists in iTunes.

And finally, I'm really damn old on Wii Sports Fitness. Whoa. Is it because I have an "old soul"? I'm blaming my torn right rotator cuff (I'm right handed). I've got a long way to go, but I'm at least having fun with tennis, golf, and bowling.

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