Wednesday, August 1, 2007

our cats are awesome

This comes courtesy of my lovely girlfriend:

Last night I was leaning against the counter, waiting for the chicken to cook, and watching the cats. Piper was sleeping soundly on the rug in front of the wall of bookcases, Maddy was rolling around the kitchen floor, and Ricky was in the window near the bookcases.

Soon Ricky got bored and decided to explore the top of the book cases. I had a couple of light-up buttons we got at a Chicago Sky game a few weeks ago up there, and when he came up to them, he stopped and sat down.

Looked at the buttons.
Looked at Piper, sleeping below him.
Looked at the buttons.
Looked at Piper sleeping.

He picked up one of the buttons in his mouth, walked a few steps over so he was directly over Piper, leaned down to aim, and dropped it square on her head. Piper FREAKED out, looking everywhere but up for whoever dared to disturb her sleep. She settled on hissing at Maddy, who was 15 feet away.

*thunk* Ricky dropped the other button on her head, watched her freak out again, then jumped down lightly beside her (sending her running to hide under an end table by the couch), and began bathing himself, his work done.

I love our cats.

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