Tuesday, November 6, 2007

disappointed coffee drinker

After four days on Priolsec (shit, I need to do my mailorder for the Nexium!), I braved coffee this morning. It was mightily disappointing. Last year for Christmas, I think every person I know gave me coffee, so I've been working my way through it, which is hard when you keep getting frickin' heartburn. I'm almost done with the ground coffee. I opened a small pack, seeing at as no real challenge--the last ground before the two bags of beans. I was optimistic with this small pouch of coffee. It was very dark, tempting me to believe it would be a full, deep, dark roast with robust flavor. It has, instead, been weak and uninteresting. I'm trying to finish it, but I might just dump the rest (2 or 3 travelmug's worth) and opt for the beans. Part of the problem is that Starbuck's Sumatra is one of the first coffees I made for myself at home, and it's ruined me. They classify it as "extra bold," and it tastes oh-so-good. (Plus, I just learned reading the summary on their website that it's a low-acid coffee! Score for the kid with heartburn!) I've vowed, however, not to buy my coffee beans at Starbucks anymore. *pout* They only sell one blend of coffee beans that's fair-trade. I will continue to buy my fru-fru coffee drinks there, though, because I believe they do try to be socially responsible and that they care for their employees here (see the info on their website about this). I'm thinking, then, that I'll try and buy my coffee beans at 10,000 Villages or Metropolis Coffee, which sells several blends that are organic and/or fair- trade. And while we're talking about coffee, how come I can't find Coffee-Mate Latte Creations anymore? At least I'm not the only one wondering this.

Gosh, I've really overanalyzed this whole coffee thing.

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It's me! said...

I'm trying to kick the coffee habit. Day five with no coffee. Waaaah!
Who can write a novel in a month with no caffeine whatsoever??
*bangs head against wall*