Monday, November 19, 2007

foiled again!

On Saturday, we made the trek down to Bloomington for about 24 hours of fun. We had lunch with my dear friend (since high school!) J, who hadn't yet met Anne. It was lovely, as always, to see her and laugh with her. We then headed over to Merdie's place, where we did a little crochet and Food Network before we headed out to dinner. Next stop, Illinois Wesleyan University for their monthly folk series Blue Moon Coffeehouse to see folkrocker Jess Klein. Ever since having a dream about serious flirting with Jess Klein (thank you, prozac dreams!), my love of her music has been amped up to an all-around love of Jess. She's in my five--you know, the list of people with whom it's not cheating. ;) Merdie's love of Jess and her music has also grown over time, so the two of us were super psyched to see Jess. (Anne, who also likes Jess's music, humored our crushes.) We arrived early at Wesleyan to camp out for good seats. I grabbed a spot by the door, Merdie sat on the steps, and Anne tossed her coat on my head while she wandered off to the bathroom. Being the odd kid I am, I sat there with her coat on my head, covering my face, Merdie laughing nearby. The place was deserted save for us... until the door behind me opened and Jess and Darcy, the Blue Moon organizer, walked past and up the stairs to the Green Room. Apparently, Jess gave Merdie a "Huh?" look about my sitting there with the coat over my face, to which Merdie just shrugged. I'm star-struck enough with musicians that I don't really need any help looking stupid in front of them. Needless to say, Jess didn't end up coming home with us. *sigh* The show was great, so we left happy anyway.

It's truly amazing that such big, soulful sound comes out of such a little woman.




My little 3.1 megapixel just isn't cutting it with video compared to some of the bigger-and-better-and-newer models. I tried anyway, and I cleaned up the sound as much as I could (funny, that my brother is a musician/producer with quite an ear, and I can barely clean up sound on a video :P ). This is Jess doing "Real Live Love."

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Merdie:) said...

Ok, seriously, could she get any hotter? Cute and can sing like none other? I don't think so. I heart me some Jess Klein. I've been listening to "Sink My Teeth In" alot -- love it!

I'm so glad you both could come down and hang out. I miss you both very much and hope I get to see you again soon. Perhaps when I run away with Jess, we'll stop in Chicago.:)

Love you both!