Thursday, November 8, 2007

coffee talk, day 3

Finally, I win.

It was a little nerve-wracking, I must admit. I changed the grind on the coffee grinder, and I trusted it that it really wanted to make 4 cups of coffee--although, I should point out that the 4+line on both sides of the coffee carafe, BOTH SIDES, are worn off to practically nonexistent. The beautiful aroma of freshly ground hazelnut coffee filled the kitchen, and I crossed my fingers as I turned on the coffeepot. And when it was time to fill the travel mug and head out? It look REALLY dark. I was scared. I poured a little into the sink, and the consistency looked okay. I thought, "What the hell. If it's still too strong, I'll just pour it out on the hill at the train platform." So, full mug in hand, I headed out.

As always, a little sloshed out the hole in the top of the mug--it's inevitable. It looked to be the right color of overflow. On I walked.

At the train platform, I did my requisite once-over of my teeth with my tongue to warm them up (ridiculous, I know, but my teeth get cold on the long walk, which makes them even more sensitive than normal). I opened the sippy slit, and I gave it a try. Beautiful.

I think the stuff I must have had before must have been really weak (I scooped properly, I swear), which was part of what made it taste like crap. I'm such a convert to grinding my own beans. The taste of hazelnut was fresh and smooth with the vanilla creamer.

It was a good train ride in this morning.

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It's me! said...

You're aware that I can't make a proper pot of coffee at all? LOL
My in-laws bought us a coffee maker when we moved here and then had to teach me how to use it.