Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm lucky because of my friends

I have some really cool people in my life I'm lucky to call my friends. Case in point: I stopped by the mailroom to send out a piece of mail. It was really quiet in there, so I knew my friend D, who is obnoxiously loud, wasn't there. I talked to a few students and headed out. When I got outside and up the stairs, I heard D yell my name in that way he does that always sounds like he's glad to see me. He was outside salting the sidewalk. He's the head of mail services on campus, and he was out spreading salt on the sidewalk and around the mail van. He joked that he couldn't have anybody who works for him falling and calling off work, but I knew better. He told me his assistant slipped on the ice and fell this morning, and I knew he just wasn't going to have that, and not because he cared about her not calling off. It was because he cared about her--or anyone else--not getting hurt. He took it upon himself to call about the salt, get the salt, and go out there and put it down. He's a genuinely good guy.

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