Tuesday, February 26, 2008

it really is time for a weather warm-up

Crocheting is more of a winter activity. I regret that, but I just can't get into it in the warmest months of the year. There's just something about making winter hats in summer that doesn't work for me.

Anne may or may not have shared with you her amusement with my crocheting a uterus. I'm doing it for my students who are organizing a production of The Vagina Monologues--a vagina wouldn't be that interesting in crochet. Well, it's been stalled, mostly because the pattern has been on the computer and not printed out. I keep thinking, though, that I need to finish it.

And so, I dreamed about it. But, it wasn't just any fiber uterus. It was a giant black worsted-weight knitted uterus, sans fallopian tubes, and a woman was inside of it, with only her head sticking out of the top. It wasn't stuffed--she had room to wiggle around in there. It was sewn closed around her neck, like a turtleneck sweater.

Clearly, this project is messing with me.

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