Wednesday, February 27, 2008

lessons I learn the hard way

1. Don't leave your keys on your desk and then leave work. Always, always check before leaving campus. Especially during tax season, when Anne is working long hours.

2. If you're going to put your "empty" coffee mug in your bag, at least make sure it's upright. Crochet projects are really good at catching any spilled coffee drippings, but that's only a good idea if you have a dark crochet project in the bag. Also, be especially careful when carrying your white Macbook in said bag with spilled coffee.

3. Don't count on Public Safety to be there to give you a ride from the train when you really need one. Just don't let yourself get into a situation for which you need Public Safety to really be there, like locking your keys in your office overnight.

4. Let the Little Debbie Zebra Cakes warm up to room temperature before eating or you might lose the icing.

5. Don't wait until it's almost spring to take your holiday songs off of your iPod. "Elf's Lament" isn't nearly as cute in the dark days of February.

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