Wednesday, March 5, 2008

sleep, coffee, and colored ice

I got half a good night's sleep last night. Sometime between 1 and 2, the nosepiece (?) on my CPAP started clicking. It didn't matter how I moved (or whether or not I did) and whether or not I held my breath. It was totally random and exceedingly annoying. We both woke up. Rather than mess around with it, I turned it off and slept the rest of the night without it. I'm guessing those 4 hours were pretty unrestful, given how I'm feeling today. I'm wondering how in the heck I'm going to figure out what went wrong with that thing--I haven't had any problems so far. Frankly, the thought sleeping without it after getting used to sleeping with it just makes me want to curl up and pout. I've finally been getting a good, restful night of sleep. I don't want to feel like this again every day. *sigh* Hopefully, I'll be home early enough to play with the damn machine tonight. Or hopefully, Anne will be patient enough to put up with me in the middle of the night tonight if it messes up again.

It's not a good time for this.

On Friday (a day off), I literally slept all day and was a wreck that night when I was awake. I then also slept most of Saturday. I felt like crap both days, and since I haven't come down with anything, I was either able to fight something off with all that sleeping or had a serious case of the allergy wipeouts--I took double the amount of normal allergy meds on Saturday and finally started to feel better. Then, of course, cue the CPAP problem.

In better news, my friend C and I went and saw the Museum of Modern Ice last week. Here's a sample of my pictures:




This is C. She wanted to pose by the refrigeration piping.


I'm also happy to report that it's not totally impossible--though it felt like it--to find fair trade coffee at the average chain grocery store. Good grief did it take a long time, though. The last bag of beans I bought was Starbucks' Estima blend, which is the only fair trade blend they sell at Starbucks. It's also, unfortunately, just about the only blend I couldn't find at the local chain grocery store. The bags of Sumatra were calling to me like the devil conscience on my shoulder, but the angel conscience reminded my I promised myself to only buy'n'brew fair trade coffee at the house. I ended up with Rogers Family Organic Coffee Breakfast Blend because it was the only one I found that explicitly said FAIR TRADE. It looks, though, that in the brand, all the Organic Coffee's are fair trade. I'll have to remember that.

Enough rambling.

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