Friday, March 7, 2008

it's lookin' good

Remember when MTV did Buzz Bin for hot new stuff? We're talking great stuff coming out of that feature, like Bush, DMB, Filter, etc. Well, that time is long over, buried out there somewhere with beloved grunge music. It looks like something from that remains, and there's now a Buzzworthy blog.

And my brother's in it.

Okay, so it's a little like a celebrity blog, but hey, he's on the same page of posts right now as Panic! At the Disco and Rhianna--musicians people have heard of.

This shit is really taking off.

Tonight, the boys play on campus, which Bro and I had nothing to do with but are both stoked about. The parents will be here, too, which is kinda fun. They've never seen where I work, and our campus is beautiful, even in the dead of friggin' winter.

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lisa said...

And it is a beautiful campus, I loved it, and I loved the chapel where your brother and his music partner played. It was so fun!!