Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday morning can bite me... Oh, wait! It already did.

It was a sign when Piper threw up on my spring jacket last night. Winter's not yet gone, and I need to accept that. Each time I glance out of my office window, I see more snow has accumulated.

In addition to beginning my day with fresh white stuff falling all around me, I opened an extremely presumptuous email from a professor while eating my cereal this morning, freshly showered and still in my pjs. I read it, got pissed, closed it, and marked it "unread." Some faculty (a dwindling number of them) just aren't good at respecting staff as equal peers, but I'm nobody's bitch or subordinate. One of the lessons that has thankfully come with age is the lesson that you don't reply to an email when it's just pissed you off. Rather, you can reply while the pissiness is still ripe--that's fair--but a little distance is a good thing. And then, you CC your boss on the reply to said presumptuous email.

The smug satisfaction of being right in my reply certainly lessens my woe about the snow. This Friday could be okay after all.

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