Wednesday, April 16, 2008

noteworthy, I suppose

1. I was in the Red Eye this morning. Ha! I submitted a comment to "Hey CTA!" in response to Kyra Kyles's article yesterday on the expansion of the bus tracker system, and she ran it. I'm so famous.

2. According to, it looks like I'm pretty much in line with other professionals in salary. I can't complain, especially with the raise I took to come here from Cathoicland.

3. OMG 70 degree weather! I had a WWMD?* moment when deciding whether or not to wear sandals, and then I thought that in such situations, Merdie would ALWAYS vote yes for sandals. It wasn't bad, really, being out this morning when it was still in the 40s. I can't wait till I have to walk across campus later on and can enjoy the warm sunshine. (Boy, that's not something I say very often!)

4. H is sharing the love, so we're going to a Cubs game on Sunday. Yay!

5. I booked the hotel for my conference trip to Reno this summer and saved just under 50% more than the conference rate. Ha! Winner! That means I'm totally getting internet when I'm there. I hate how the fancyschmancy hotels make you pay for freakin' everything. I do think they have a Starbucks in the hotel, which means I can have coffee, at least, and maybe some real breakfast, unlike the PopTarts I chowed on at last year's conference.

* What Would Merdie Do? In grad school, she and I actually had a moment where we were trying to get into a concert and both thought to ourselves--and then aloud--"What would [rhetoric professor] do?" That professor had talked a friend's way into a concert while we watched in awe.

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