Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the battle for dominance

Just home from the groceria with picnic supplies, and I'm checking email before I gather up our supplies and head out to meet up with my family. This is the time in the morning when all kitties should be basking in the glow of the sunny hardwood floors.

And not fighting with me.

Several times now, I've had to go retrieve Piper from the kitchen counter. The last time, she got up into the ledge of the picture window above the sink and onto the wooden drawers we have up there, which makes her too high up for me to grab her. I'm not sure what she wants up there, whether it's to be away from the other cats, to enjoy the sun in the big eastern window, or to lick the edge of the milk jug I've rinsed out and set out to dry before depositing it in the recycling.

And like a good kittymommy, I nudged her down to a reasonable grabbing height, picked up her, pilled her, and put her in a living room window. Naturally, she complained in her usual Piper style--annoyed half-grunt/half-meow. She's now laying in the window where I deposited her, watching me type.

I wonder what she's plotting for her revenge.

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