Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm up way too early.

Note to my brain: 5:20 and 7:00 are not the same thing. Since I've been up awhile, thought I'd have time to write a post.

I went to a workshop yesterday on technology and teaching writing. I learned one thing: I'm already hip to different web stuffs I could integrate into my teaching of writing. Wow. The one thing I got out of it was the idea to blog while I design my class and in the process of teaching it. If I teach writing as a process, I like the idea of the transparency of my own process for my students.

Today, Mom, Bro, SIL, and I are going with my grandparents for my grandfather's consultation on his upcoming surgery for his pancreatitis. Mostly, I think we're going to hang out together, but there's something about being there--for me anyway--with this Big Deal Surgery stuff.

It's been a week for good treats so far. We finally got our butts over to Siobhankha and Pjregularjb"'s new pad, which is awesome, and we then headed out for yummy sundaes. Anne and I shared a hot-fudge sundae with raspberries. Tomorrow, I'm meeting ProfH for breakfast at a place she says serves stuff like Key Lime French Toast. Ohhhhh... Tonight, we're meeting up with Jennjer and GourmetGoddess for a concert-on-the-lawn. We're seeing Robert Plant and Allison Krauss, whose Raising Sand album is awesome. I'm sure the food I prep will have nothin' on what those lovely ladies prepare.

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