Thursday, July 24, 2008

are you sure it's not Monday?

Today's been downright weird in the way that only Monday's usually are. For one, I'm in the office, which I never am on a Thursday in the summer. I needed to unpack, though, as they moved my stuff back to my old office in the library while I was in Reno. It's like coming home. :) I do miss my Thursday morning breakfast with H, though.

Instead, I got an interesting conversation with my pal O. You meet such interesting folks from the College when you ride the train, I swear. O became part of our train crew last fall, and I've always thought he was a cool dude. We talked very openly about his recent diagnosis of bipolar/borderline and subsequent medicating. It's funny how people change for you in only 30 minutes. I have a newfound understanding of O, and I respect the way he's dealing with the diagnosis, namely learning all the can about it.

In other news, I woke up at 4:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. I'm obviously channelling my girlfriend, who fails at sleeping after about that point. The downside for me is that I'm also having trouble falling asleep--both are so unlike me! I'm pooped.

And hungry. I left the house without any food, and I have none here. Poor planning on my part. I actually left sort of frantically, running around desperately trying to find my keys.

Which reminds me: I hate our neighbors. Still. I went out to water my flowers and nearly fell over someone's bike, which was left RIGHT in front of our door. WTF, people? That's gotta warrant a note or something.

I took the day off from everything else yesterday and got all the wedding paraphernalia done. We're talking: invitations, reply cards, and maps. Dear gawd, the maps took for-ev-er, but they look awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing them live and in print, and not just the poor-quality printing I did here in the office (to see how they looked).

Alright, enough break. Back to organizing the office.

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