Thursday, July 31, 2008

the end of summer approaches

I'm back to work. The students will be back in 2 weeks (RAs and football players). Le sigh. What happened to all that time I was going to have to get things done, like updating my Ravelry? The summer didn't prove to be relaxing. Too many obligations, too many events.

I think maybe I'm in mourning for the summer's end. I can feel it in other folks, too, here at work. We're excited for things, like new staff starting, but that signals the approach of our busiest time of the school year.

I'm going to drop off our invitations at the printer this morning, which is exciting. I'm glad they're done; that's a weight off of me. I also got some importantly big work projects done this week (cleaning my office not among them), which also feels good. I think maybe I'll spend this morning getting my office into shape. Seeing less clutter always makes me feel more upbeat.

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