Friday, August 1, 2008

dry toast, and I'm not even home sick

Why did I want to come back to the library again? Yesterday, there was clearly a jar of peanut butter in the staff kitchen. Unfortunately, it was today my english muffin and I headed downstairs for a mid-morning snack to find--gasp!--no peanut butter. The honey bear was hard, no honey moving. The strawberry preserves promised to be good till next May, but I was still too nervous about the big red jar in the fridge. And, no butter in sight. Over in the Butch, there wasn't any community food/condiment storage, so everything was a known quantity. Here? Well, who knows how long something's been sitting out or who's put a finger in the jar for a little taste? Also, don't bother looking for a plastic knife. Plastic forks abound, but if you want a knife, it'll be real and followed with the thought about how long it's been since someone washed the dish rag hanging over the sink. Blech.

So, I did what I had to do: I ate my toasted english muffin dry. Always safer with a known quantity, and having had food poisoning once, I can safely say that's not something I want to do again.

At least the cafe in the student center will be open when I go warm up my lunch, meaning I should be able to find a pat of butter for my reheated mashed potatoes. And this weekend, I'm buying myself a small jar of peanut butter for my office. And plastic knives.

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