Wednesday, August 20, 2008

for the record

I hate FTP. HATE. I've tried many times in the past week or so to work with a well-known publisher to access files of a book (for a student with a disability), which they do via FTP. First time, I got on fine, but I sure didn't see any files for download. Now, I can't even log on, and they've given me conflicting information on what the username and password are. Seriously publisher people--FTP?

Mac people, do you use an FTP client that you like? (Not that it seems to make a difference because I can't do it through a browser, either, because the info they sent me is WRONG.)

I may have to break down and call the Unhelpful Desk.

ETA: The publisher set up a completely new login for me, and this time, it worked. Phew. The book is downloading as I write this.

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