Friday, January 16, 2009

baby, it's cold outside

It was -17 F when I got up this morning. That's beyond the threshold at which point any lower temperature can be classified as Just Plain Stupid Cold. I've been self-medicating with peppermint mochas the past two days. Tomorrow, we'll have a heat wave of 22 degrees!

We had the happiest sight ever this morning upon disembarking from the train: our Public Safety office, which usually sends an officer out to drive people to campus (5 at most can fit in the car), sent BOTH of the department SUVs to pick us up! My favorite officer, C, talked her boss into it. We were so appreciative. They're really good to us. I made them cookies at the end of last semester as a Thank You for things like this that they do for us.

Aside from the cold, the first week of classes has been going just fine. I've had walk-in hours everyday for my students with disabilities, which makes things MUCH less of a scheduling nightmare at the beginning of the semester. In addition to those kids, some of the usual suspects have dropped in to say hello. I was ready for the kids to be back.

I've got to try and find a little time, perhaps at the end of the day, to finish watching the BSG webisodes--we're back with an all-new ep tonight! First of the final ten! OMG! H and one of A's friends are coming over to watch it with us. I can't believe we'll soon know who all the cylons are.

I've got a ton of knit/crochet projects I want to work on. I want to dye more yarn--I need to post my pics of the 3 skeins I've already dyed. I'm finishing up a sweater and working on a scarf. I have some mittens in the work, though the need for those has diminished this week with the arrival of fleece mittens from a friend of A's family. I also saw yesterday that people have been making felted iPod cases. Great idea. If only yarn could be my full-time job... A girl can dream. :)

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