Monday, January 12, 2009

killing 45 minutes

I'm one of the advisory people who meets with the academic appeals board, and this time around, I volunteered to take on an advisee (perhaps only for right now), which I think they liked because it meant Their Will Shall Be Done. Said advisee was supposed to come in at 4 today, and he called at 4:10 to tell me he'd be even later. We're definitely set for 9am tomorrow, though classes start tomorrow, which makes it more difficult for him, seeing as he still needs to pick 3 of his 4 classes.


I've just read on my friend Tonja's blog about her being in the black hole of knitting, a place in which she has no knitting motivation whatsoever. I think I'm in a place that I should designate the Mark Twain hole of crocheting. Mark Twain, who I adore, pretty much always puttzed out when it came to wrapping things up--you'll notice how he takes pretty big shifts at the end of his stories/books--and I'm having that problem with crocheting. I was working like a fiend on my pumpkin orange sweater, and now that I'm nearing the end (1 sleeve almost done and the other to do still), I hardly pick it up. Plus, I've dyed 3 skeins of yarn, none of which I've done anything with, project-wise (granted, I need to take them to the yarn group tomorrow). Summer's usually my slow time for crochet, so I need to get back in gear.

Other than that, I guess there's nothing too remarkable to say, other than OMG snow in Chicago.

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