Thursday, January 8, 2009

winter failures

I slipped and fell twice yesterday morning--on the way to the train and on the way from the train to campus. Today, I'd barely made it past our front yard when I wiped out again. I'm so over this.

After hitting the ground nice and hard on the way to the College yesterday, I was not the least bit amused by the stellar (not!) snow removal, which is done by an outside contractor. The "weather event" had long since been over with, and yet the campus with a mess. Are we really getting our money's worth here, kids?

Thank goodness my students with mobility impairments aren't back on campus yet (classes begin next Tuesday):

climb over the snow bank if you want to enter

And you'll love this one:

at least it's clear when they dropped the salt

I'm fairly certain salt works better with snow and ice when you actually spread it around and don't just leave it in piles on the sidewalk.

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