Tuesday, June 2, 2009

how to make me squee like a little girl

Amanda (she'll always be Ajay to me) over at The Martha Initiative is a friend from high school/grad school. Last weekend, she went to the Wilton Tent Sale, which sounded like it would be awesome. Knowing that I use Wilton dyes to dye yarn, she offered to send me her cast-offs after restocking with new dyes; apparently, they don't taste as good after awhile, and she uses them for their original intent--baking, icing, etc. Not only did she get an awesome haul at the tent sale, but she's sending me TWENTY-FIVE jars of dye.

*dies from the awesome*

Honestly, even without the dyes, Ajay and The Martha Initiative make my days happier because that girl is funny. I don't know if it's just because I can actually imagine her doing and saying the things she writes, but I'm amused with each new post. If you're interested in domestic goddessness with a sense of humor, go check her out. For serious.

Thanks, Ajay!

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Amanda said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the endorsement. ;) The colors should be arriving tomorrow, so keep an eye out for them. And don't feel obligated to crochet me a scarf or blanket or anything...nope, no need for that! But, if you felt like it....

Just kidding. Enjoy the colors and post more pictures of the process and results!