Thursday, July 22, 2010

exciting happenings

A couple of notes on things that make me happy:

Heinous, one of my beloved BFFs, is leaving a meh job in a crappy town TODAY. As I type this, she and her father are getting things ready and supervising the movers as they load the truck she and her father will drive cross-country, back to the Midwest, where she'll settle into a house of her own in a town that's accessible by train (for me). This is such a positive move, and I'm so happy she's coming home.

Another of my beloved BFFs has her first book coming out on August 23rd, and the buzz is starting. University of Illinois Press has blogged about it, and it's already ranked well on Amazon, even though it's not yet out. I'm very proud of her.

One of Annabelle's BFFs just started a new blog, which makes me smile. J is a cool kid, and we don't see enough of her. I'm glad we can follow her online.

My brother is engaged in a new project called Just Aesthetics. Check out the blog and the community work they're doing.

Saturday, I'm going to meet my dear lifelong friend MBJ's little guy. He was born in February, and I've been both sick (a lot) and busy (too much). It's sad to me that I haven't met him yet, though I'll kick myself in the butt for not making it a bigger priority. That doesn't matter; what matters is that I get to hang out with her and her little guy this weekend.

Finally, go read Annabelle's blog. She's all around awesome, and I'm lucky to share my days with her. Plus, she's funny. Also, I'm excited to watch her tweet her way through Blogher in a few weeks.


4cups.spontaneous said...

y-yeah! i'm a cool kid...owwww!

MEM said...

Am just now catching up on my reading! Such happiness! Now when are you coming to visit me? That would make up for the Bones and Booth comment above. ;)